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What We Do

Investment Management

Our Investment Process

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. We use what is called a “Core Satellite Approach” to manage our model frameworks. Long story short: Markets move differently when viewed over different time periods. In the short term, markets can be choppy. Over longer periods, markets are efficient and tend to smooth out.

Our Core Satellite Investment Approach combines the benefits of index funds—lower cost, broader diversification, tax efficiency and lower volatility—with actively managed funds or other direct investments offers potential for outperformance.

Core Satellite also brings a greater discipline and stability to your investment portfolio by:

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Reducing reliance on picking winners or chasing fund manager returns

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Providing greater portfolio diversification while taking advantage of each stage in market cycles

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Recognizing the fundamental differences between index and active fund management while combining the best

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Estimate Your Investment Fees

By entering your portfolio you will be able to evaluate your potential annual cost for each plan level.

+This is a quote and is subject to change due to final services rendered and scope of the engagement.*